Ecce Homo

For the easter holidays, we visited friends in Valencia. Apart from my trusty RX100, this was the first time I took my recently acquired Leica M3 from 1955 out for a spin. Photographing the Easter procession, which started at mid-day and went on till late at night was challenging with the M3: It’s of course fully manual, so you just use it as low as you can think you go: I shot wide open (1.8 with the 50mm Summicron) and went down to 1/60 or 1/30 and had the film pushed two stops. You cannot expect pixel-peeping sharpness under these conditions, but there were some glimpses of  what you can do with this camera, but it certainly still needs a lot of practice and experience to use the effects of this camera more deliberately and less random. I’m not sure if I’m hooked yet, but it was an interesting experiment…

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