On the photographic sources for Kafka’s novel “Amerika”.

The Opposite of a Muse: The Selfothermades of Isabelle Mège

This is probably the strangest and most fascinating story on photography that I have read in a long time: Isabelle Mège, a medical secretary from Paris wrote letters to photographers she liked and asked them to take her picture. For more than twenty years she managed to get photographers as diverse as Joel Peter Witkin or Ralph… Continue reading The Opposite of a Muse: The Selfothermades of Isabelle Mège

The Autobahn in 1979

It was 1979 and the future was a place of promise and overflowing with colors and not of dread and endless stretches of grey…

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This Is Europe

Let’s not forget what Europe is actually about: A shared horizon, a common frame of reference, a troubled past, and the chance to not kill each other for a change. Let’s remember that there has been Europe even before the economists have claimed this fragile project for themselves and started ruining it…

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Dead Heroes II

I have no idea, if Hilla Becher ever took any other pictures than those of industrial structures. Maybe there are some pictures of her kids, images of last christmas, a selfie with her husband who had already passed away in 2007. Hilla Becher and her husband Bernd Becher have been the epitome of consistency in visual… Continue reading Dead Heroes II