On the photographic sources for Kafka’s novel “Amerika”.

East Of The Rule Of Third

Here is one guy, who really hates his rule of thirds: He has a point, though. It’s often very hard to understand that from the rich canon of composition that we have amassed over several thousand years of producing art, the rule of thirds is the one thing that has made it into photography education.… Continue reading East Of The Rule Of Third

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The Polaroids

  Since I’m back from the US I’ve been in some kind of photographic slump. That probably was to be expected: The photos came easy to me in America, the desire to hold on to what you see was overwhelming and the light triggered some kind of chemical reaction with the camera… Being back in… Continue reading The Polaroids

Look Homeward, Angel

  The washed up trees like bones of big animals on the shore; we had this cabin next to a lake, spent the afternoon on the porch, drinking wine, looking over the lake laying quiet and dark and reading the last pages of Look Homeward, Angel, that wild beast of a book. Did not read… Continue reading Look Homeward, Angel

Housing in America

The first thing that comes to mind: Sort the pictures by what they show. Collect all houses, group all portraits, make a series of details. Do you have an agenda? Are you trying to tell us something about America? About its disintegrating towns?  That would be presumptuous. Keep it personal: This is where you have… Continue reading Housing in America

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An Edit

I struggle with the edit of these massive amount of pictures that I took these three weeks in the US. There are reasons for that apart from the sheer number. The question is basically: What’s the story you want to tell? Is it a story of America in turmoil, shortly before an election that has already… Continue reading An Edit