Just this week I returned from a 21-days, 1400 miles trip from San Francisco to Seattle, across Oregons Coastal Route and all the way up to the Olympic Peninsula, which is the US farthest point nortbefore Canada and now I’m very, very slowly try to crawl from a massive jet-lag. I’m wide awake somewhere at 3 in… Continue reading Roadtrip


I’ve been on holidays. In the mountains. As I was nurturing my constant shooting-crisis (why shoot? empty pictures? relevance?) that I’ve had for a while now when shooting on the street, working in the solitude and emptiness of the mountains came as quite a relief. So I shot mostly landscape, cows, dead wood. I was… Continue reading Holidays

Under The Influence: Bow Down To The Master   And of course, I have to bow down: I didn’t know the shot before, if I had I had probably never posted mine. There are so many things you can learn from studying great photos: the shoe in the upper right corner does the trick here: opens up the triangle onto which… Continue reading Under The Influence: Bow Down To The Master

Stay Healthy For All Time

This is what sometimes happens: You get mad at people when they somehow don’t seem to “get” your picture. You blame society as a whole, the steady decline in attention-span, Flickr as a place of cat-images and superficiality. This was a subtle image that sums up a problem almost every advanced western society has to deal… Continue reading Stay Healthy For All Time