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Tokio, July 2014

This is what sometimes happens: You get mad at people when they somehow don’t seem to “get” your picture. You blame society as a whole, the steady decline in attention-span, Flickr as a place of cat-images and superficiality.

This was a subtle image that sums up a problem almost every advanced western society has to deal with: when these three kids are grown up to make their own money they will have to support the pension for at least two elders. It’s devastating demographical math in a picture.

And the image is not even badly composed, has strong straight lines (transporting these kids into the future), has some balance and gestures.

Problem here is: it wasn’t well placed. I just dumped it into a pile of more obvious pictures I brought back from Japan an it just drowned there. It is a good picture, but I let it down. I didn’t put up the fight for it that it deserved.

There is a lesson here, of course, but for today I prefer to bath in self-pity and curse the world for becoming more superficial every day…

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