Three-legged Dog

Three-legged Dog, Bagan/Burma, December 2015

This is the illusion: That we’re living a mediocre life. Our day-to-day lives is extreme in almost every aspect. The killing industry that we built up to feed us daily meat for fun. We’re no longer killing out of necessity but for fun and profit. An industry that constantly engages us in some scheming that usually ends up in a never-ending string of wars. Countries that we topple or don’t save, breed unrest and confusion and endless suffering. The poor die because we somehow don’t have the nerve to kill the rich. And we look at screens all the time in order not to deal with ourselves. We are never where we belong, it is always better where the ads promise: The next film is better than the one you are watching, this music is not as good as the one that comes out next month, watch TV to be promised better entertainment in the following week.

It is ridiculous to say, that this is a mediocre life.

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