Remember Earth Clearly

Manheim/Hambacher Forst, Dezember 2021

MONSTERS EXIST — Orbital, The Box

Fürchterlichste Droge

Es bringt uns nämlich nicht weiter, die rätselhafte Seite am Rätselhaften pathetisch oder fanatisch zu unterstreichen; vielmehr durchdringen wir das Geheimnis nur in dem Grad, als wir es im Alltäglichen wiederfinden, kraft einer dialektischen Optik, die das Alltäglich als undurchdringlich, das Undurchdringlich als alltäglich erkennt. Die passionierteste Untersuchung telepathischer Phänomene wird einen zum Beispiel über… Continue reading Fürchterlichste Droge

Inside Me

Walking Project

  I never saw this strange dwelling again. Indeed, as I see it now, the way it appeared to my child’s eye, it is not a building, but is quite dissolved and distributed inside me: here one room, there another, and here a bit of corridor which, however, does not con­nect the two rooms, but… Continue reading Inside Me

Everything gets better when you change yourself on the inside.

Walking Project

Hey, are you feeling the heat? Not just the heat waves (though there’s plenty of that too). But tension… STRESS. Even depression. It’s more common now than ever before, and for a lot of reasons (even besides the obvious). The thing about stress, depression, or just plain “feeling bad” is that it takes EVERYTHING from… Continue reading Everything gets better when you change yourself on the inside.

Sie Ruhten in Netzen von Spinnen

Walking Project

Traum von einem Seminar, in dem das Vermächtnis eines im Südpazifik verschollenen Naturphilosophen besprochen wurde. Wir rüsteten auch eine Expedition aus, um nach ihm zu forschen, das Klima war südamerikanisch, tropisch, eine Regenwaldinsel mit orangenen Äffchen, die so winzig waren, dass sie sich morgens in den Netzen von Spinnen ausruhten und dort die Tautropfen von… Continue reading Sie Ruhten in Netzen von Spinnen


Well, I’m your Venus I’m your fire, at your desire Well, I’m your Venus I’m your fire, at your desire — Shocking Blue, Venus


Anomie is our condition, Anomia is our curse, Anomaly is our profession. Or to put it another way: our scabrous individuality consists of trying to name our condition. — e.m. cioran fall into time

Imaginary Economy

Walking Project

How does photography serve to legitimate and normalise existing power relationships? How does it serve as the voice of authority, while simultaneously claiming to constitute a token of exchange between equal  partners? What havens and temporary escapes from the realm of necessity are provided by photographic means? What resistances are encouraged and strengthened? How is… Continue reading Imaginary Economy

Vague Clues

Walking Project

Gilman’s room was of good size but queerly irregular shape; the north wall slanting perceptibly inward from the outer to the inner end, while the low ceiling slanted gently downward in the same direction. Aside from an obvious rat-hole and the signs of other stopped-up ones, there was no access—nor any appearance of a former… Continue reading Vague Clues

Murderers of the Real

At stake will have always been the murderous power of images, murderers of the real, murderers of their own model, as the Byzantine icons could be those of the divine identity. To this murderous power is opposed that of representations as a dialectical power, the visible and intelligible mediation of the Real. All western faith… Continue reading Murderers of the Real