Good Pictures

When Doves Cry
Athens, November 2021

Ouch, that hurt. But I probably needed that:

On January 7, 1971, Diane Arbus conducted interviews with prospective students of a photography master class she would teach that winter – the last winter of her life – and wrote about the interviewees thus:

…one after another would parade into this empty room like as if I was a burlesque producer or a pimp… their pictures mostly bored me and I had a slight feeling like I didn’t know what was with ‘em, they were after all so wildly different from Good Pictures, except there was that mysterious thing… I didn’t want to look at them, as if it might be catching and I would end up learning from the students how to take just such boring pix as those.

— Diane Arbus, quoted from Janet Malcolm’s “Forty-One False Starts


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