The Law of Space is Above Politics

Brodersen had awaited that line of attack. That was my own offhand example. Calm down. But okay, here `tis again. But tell us, Joelle. Navigation is yours, then, Langendijk said formally. Archer communicates secretly, with the secret connivance of the watchship captain in the Solar System- communicates secretly with his secret masters, who tell him to take us to a secret place? Isn’t that a little melodramatic? Earnestly: Think, too- the law of space is above politics. You don’t find any of this unthinkable, do you? N-no. As captain of a watchcraft, Archer has authority over me, he said. Good Lord, you can’t mean that, Second Engineer Torsten Sverdrup protested. That was very soon after its formation. Which is a logical non sequitur, actually. What are you free to tell me? I presume you can give me some argument, some reason to dog my hatch. The wealthiest man on Demeter is not altogether a private citizen. Finally he enlisted in the Emergency Corps of the World Union Peace Command. Not quite a surprise. Prepare to obey his instructions. Is he? I don’t pretend to be very sensitive where people are concerned, but I have had some exposure to cliques and cabals on high political levels.

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