Copy? Pointing?

But what is “the problem of photography”? Copy? Pointing? Truth? Reality? Intensity? Discovery? Fake? Connection? Revelation? Rapture? Document? Bearing Witness? To what exactly?

or to be more precise: What is it about photography that makes all these things come out, as all of these seem to pose the more obvious questions of: What is it, that you see? (so it really is a question of ontology? So either the question of “what is” is more interesting as it seems, or photography does not care about “what is” and cares more about “what appears” and that is the more meaningful question… (but we do not photograph what we see: The Single-lens-Reflex, that closes the mirror and you do not actually see/are not present  the moment when the pictures is taken….) – so photography fills the gaps of our seeing?

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