Contempt for Sight

Are the problems of photography solved? You do not write any more about the how ad why of photography: Does this mean you are done with trying to rationalize what you are doing? Does this also mean you are done with photography?

There is this tendency – best embodied in the construction of pornography – in western societies to expose everything. Nothing can be hidden, everything shown is never enough: What appears is good, what is good, appears.

(the drive to see more deeply linked to the drive to earn more, have more, buy more, own more, that also is bottomless and can never be exhausted: The strategy to overcome the disappointment of everything that is shown is to point to something that is ommitted, replace what is show with the promise of something that is not (yet) shown.) An overwhelming more, that is oblivious to any content: More sunset, more flower, more pain, more torn apart limbs, more explosions, more sex, more everything more everything more everything (and repeat and try to get even higher: Seeing is as much as an addiction with hangovers, disgust of sight, contempt for seeing, renouncing seeing, blame etc., only to enter the circle again.)

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