In the Shadow of Reason

The supposed sense of security created by the power of reason as the basis of all understanding has penetrated mans everyday existence creating a terrible need for order in his life so as to achieve stability at all its levels: his working life, love life as well as economic, social and emotional levels of his life. Success depended on the maintenance at all cost of this stability whereas the breakdown of stability necessarily signified failure and consequent exclusion from the benefits thereof.

Our educational system makes us sensitive to these modern precepts; we imbibe the principles of stability together with the letters of the alphabet. We were educated to to achieve success and consequently guarantee ourselves a future free from the slightest insecurity which might endanger this only possible way of life. Nevertheless, parallel to this theory of stability runs the danger of its reversal, which infuses us with fear. We fear the loss of stability and so remain trapped between the desire for job security and fear of unemployment, between the need of finding a permanent partner and fear of loneliness, between the dream of a good salary and the fear of economic misery, between the social prestige of being considered very professional and the fear of not coming up to scratch and finally between the need for an emotionally stable life and the fear of losing ones reason.

The Worlds of Pajcha, Prologue

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