Under The Influence: Bow Down To The Master

  https://yama-bato.tumblr.com/post/16684891238/theconstantbuzz-garry-winogrand   And of course, I have to bow down: I didn’t know the shot before, if I had I had probably never posted mine. There are so many things you can learn from studying great photos: the shoe in the upper right corner does the trick here: opens up the triangle onto which… Continue reading Under The Influence: Bow Down To The Master

The Garry Winogrand Problem

Modern photography, by reason of unceasing technical advance, is eminently capable of producing a mindless accumulation of automatic images, whose meaning at best is peripheral and uncertain, whose tenor at worst is dumbly exploitative and reactionary. Photographers all too frequently make pictures so conceptually casual and brainlessly superficial that their minimal meaning is exhausted at… Continue reading The Garry Winogrand Problem

The Optical Unconscious

Photography, with its devices of slow motion and enlargement, reveals the secret. It is through this photography that we first discover the existence of the optical unconscious, just as we discover the instinctual unconscious through psychoanalysis. — Walter Benjamin

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We Don’t Fit In

We no longer fit in into the world. You would somehow think that we could try to change the world to make us feel more comfortable in it, but we failed to do that. Eventually, this feeling of uneasiness will fade: We just have to wait until we have adapted to the machines we have… Continue reading We Don’t Fit In

Stay Healthy For All Time

This is what sometimes happens: You get mad at people when they somehow don’t seem to “get” your picture. You blame society as a whole, the steady decline in attention-span, Flickr as a place of cat-images and superficiality. This was a subtle image that sums up a problem almost every advanced western society has to deal… Continue reading Stay Healthy For All Time