Ecce Homo

For the easter holidays, we visited friends in Valencia. Apart from my trusty RX100, this was the first time I took my recently acquired Leica M3 from 1955 out for a spin. Photographing the Easter procession, which started at mid-day and went on till late at night was challenging with the M3: It’s of course fully… Continue reading Ecce Homo

Landscape Is Changing

Here I go, back and forth: Not photographing people comes more natural to me; it always takes a conscious effort to invade other peoples privacy. I shy away and resort to images void of people. Taking a picture of someone is a very intimate undertaking. I often shy away, I am often afraid. I end up with… Continue reading Landscape Is Changing

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Back From Valencia

Just came back from Valencia, Spain. Spent the Easter-Weekend there with friends. The Easter-Processions were intense: Don’t know what’s it with me and religion – although I’ve lost my religion years ago, that ole catholicism still gets to me… Brought my trusty Rx100 and the new, old (1955) Leica – probably screwed up all the… Continue reading Back From Valencia

Pioneer, Alexander Michailowitsch Rodtschenko


Amazing Exhibition in Bochum, Germany on Russian Avantgarde Photography. Portraits blew me away; series of pictures on a travel from Moscow to Leningrad. Definite must-see.

Word Of Advice

“Photographers mistake the emotion they feel while taking the picture as judgment that the photograph is good.” — Gary Winogrand


  Alaska is a magical country. Rarely felt so relaxed when traveling. Everything big, everything gigantic, endless skies, glaciers are like remains from the very first days of the earth. Everything feels old and untouched and new at the same time. Everybody drives a big car. Here, finally, I can understand that you want to… Continue reading Alaska

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