A Sunset

A sunset: 78%, a landscape: 76%, a little girl playing with a cat: 56%, a woman breast-feeding: 54%, a folk dance: 46%, a weaver at work: 39%, a famous monument: 27%, a first communion: 26%, a snake: 20%, a rope 16%, a metal frame: 15%, cabbages: 12%, a butcher’s stall: 9%… a car accident: 1%… Continue reading A Sunset

2500 rolls of undeveloped film

Walking Project

Oscillating wildly between fiercely claiming a position, a decisive point of view and rejecting it, aiming at position-less, becoming a machine of registration. And in between there is this wash-tub full of undeveloped film in the basement of Gary Winogrand’s house like some sort of Schrödinger’s Cat, an experiment that vanishes when realised.  On March… Continue reading 2500 rolls of undeveloped film


Walking Project

e Depot began to branch out of Georgia to Florida in 1981 with stores opening in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale. By 1984, The Home Depot was operating 19 stores with sales of over $256 million. To enter the Dallas market The Home Depot acquired Bowater Home Center from Bowater Inc. on October 31, 1984, for… Continue reading OPEN IMMEDIATELY!

I Have a Plan in Place

Walking Project

  Sean Hannity, one of the most trusted voices in media, confirmed the rumors are true. Sean Hannity admits based on sources he has in DC, there is undeniable proof agents of the deep state have a horrifying plan in place. — from Spam

Is Form Beautiful?

Walking Project

  “Why is form beautiful?  Because, I think, it helps us confront our worst fear, the suspicion that life may be chaos and that therefore, our suffering is without meaning.” — Robert Adams

Demon, Chance, Love, and Necessity

  The investigation begins with a citation from Macrobius’s Saturnalia to the effect that “four deities preside over the birth of every human being: Daimon, Tyche, Eros, and Ananke (Demon, Chance, Love, and Necessity).” He then turns to a work in which Goethe—an author who, incidentally, spent his life working on a sprawling multi-volume project… Continue reading Demon, Chance, Love, and Necessity

The Fifth Side

Walking Project

Interviewer: What are the principal formal problems in your work? Baltz: The edge. Quite literally, the major issue is the question of where to place the edge, what to include or exclude. A photograph is a five-sided flat object. In its construction those sides must be considered and referred to. Interviewer: The fifth side? Baltz:… Continue reading The Fifth Side