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odd one out

odd one out


Started sorting out the pictures from the Frankfurt-Workshop with Jane Evelyn Atwood. “Storytelling with Pictures” is quite a premise – after telling stories about pursuing her Women in Prison-project for more than 10 years, she sent us out on the street to find an tell our own story in less than 4 hours…

You have to admire the dedication and lots of the pictures&the stories she told about them were breathtaking… –

On the streets some bloody mistakes: the batteries on my rx100 went dead on me after 5 minutes and I used the 28mm all day that I hardly knew: In the end I shot one roll of film (an ilford 400/c41 that was developed overnight) and around 180 photos using the nikon D5300. On saturday, I was pretty annoyed with the digital pictures: I’m still having issues focusing with the 28mm, and I found it hard to focus on one story instead, there was probably too many random drifting… Yet I loved to be out on the streets again and in something that at least remotely qualifies as a city.

The area around the station in Frankfurt is quite amazing. Lots of foreigners, some junkies, some red-light-district. Felt alive, felt happy to be away from the Zeil, which is like a desert.

Walked the streets on an early sunday morning, it was bloody cold and very quiet and in the entrances of the closed shops homeless people were sleeping. It was like a second population, that had taken over the city when the shops had closed…



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