The Opposite of a Muse: The Selfothermades of Isabelle Mège

This is probably the strangest and most fascinating story on photography that I have read in a long time: Isabelle Mège, a medical secretary from Paris wrote letters to photographers she liked and asked them to take her picture. For more than twenty years she managed to get photographers as diverse as Joel Peter Witkin or Ralph Gibson to take her photo.

You should definitely read the whole article in the New Yorker, it is full of strange twists and shows the many layers of this fascinating story…

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Destroy Literature

But wait, we’re already done with that, so now move on to destroying photography, but wait, we’re already in the middle of that, too. And what does this mean and what happens when we’re done with it? We’ll start all over again.

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Goodbye Lou Reed

Robert Frank: Sick of goodby’s, from “The Lines Of My Hand”

Sometimes I feel so happy,
Sometimes I feel so sad.

— from Pale Blue Eyes, Velvet Underground

felt sad, when I accidentally stumbled upon this short note from Lou Reed on Robert Frank’s photo, realizing that he was actually gone and I’m entering an age where the heroes of my youth are starting to die. This is purely self-pity of course, so instead I put up an old record of him and felt happy to have his music still here with me.

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