The Polaroids

  Since I’m back from the US I’ve been in some kind of photographic slump. That probably was to be expected: The photos came easy to me in America, the desire to hold on to what you see was overwhelming and the light triggered some kind of chemical reaction with the camera… Being back in… Continue reading The Polaroids

Nite Crawlers

Nite Crawlers(some kind of earth worm) are used as tackle for fishing. I took this photo in Aberdeen, Washington, a run-down city at the entry of the Olympic Peninsula. It once has been the center of lumber in the area – but with the rise of imports and a decrease in demand, it has plummeted into a serious economic… Continue reading Nite Crawlers

Push More

I guess we all have to attempt to push the envelope more, to go beyond accepted boundaries, beyond photography merely as daily compulsive behaviour and try to really tell authentic stories. It’s the only way for me to see value in proceeding to make pictures – and posting them on social media. — Bart van Damme in an Interview… Continue reading Push More