Pick Any Color

Heidelberg, March 2016

– I’d like a can of paint. – Which color? – Blue. –Michelangelo Antonioni, L’Avventura

Thinking About A Lot Of Things

Last night I went to bed intending to think about a lot of things. And then I fell asleep. — Michelangelo Anotonioni, from L’Avventura

The Law of Space is Above Politics

Brodersen had awaited that line of attack. That was my own offhand example. Calm down. But okay, here `tis again. But tell us, Joelle. Navigation is yours, then, Langendijk said formally. Archer communicates secretly, with the secret connivance of the watchship captain in the Solar System- communicates secretly with his secret masters, who tell him… Continue reading The Law of Space is Above Politics

Das Auge

Das Fettauge schaut in den Himmel und weiß nichts von der Suppe.