Die Kamera als Tiefkühltruhe

Der Refrain aus einem Lied von Trenet kam ihm immer wieder in den Sinn, seit er es am Nachmittag auf der Autobahn im Radio gehört hatte, und er sagte sich, das “Foto, das alte Foto aus meiner Jugend”, von dem dort die Rede war, werde schon bald für die junge Generation keine Bedeutung mehr haben. Die Farben der Gegenwart für immer: Die Kamera als Tiefkühltruhe.

— Marc Augé, Nicht-Orte

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The Law of Space is Above Politics

Brodersen had awaited that line of attack. That was my own offhand example. Calm down. But okay, here `tis again. But tell us, Joelle. Navigation is yours, then, Langendijk said formally. Archer communicates secretly, with the secret connivance of the watchship captain in the Solar System- communicates secretly with his secret masters, who tell him to take us to a secret place? Isn’t that a little melodramatic? Earnestly: Think, too- the law of space is above politics. You don’t find any of this unthinkable, do you? N-no. As captain of a watchcraft, Archer has authority over me, he said. Good Lord, you can’t mean that, Second Engineer Torsten Sverdrup protested. That was very soon after its formation. Which is a logical non sequitur, actually. What are you free to tell me? I presume you can give me some argument, some reason to dog my hatch. The wealthiest man on Demeter is not altogether a private citizen. Finally he enlisted in the Emergency Corps of the World Union Peace Command. Not quite a surprise. Prepare to obey his instructions. Is he? I don’t pretend to be very sensitive where people are concerned, but I have had some exposure to cliques and cabals on high political levels.

— from Spam

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