Copy? Pointing?

But what is “the problem of photography”? Copy? Pointing? Truth? Reality? Intensity? Discovery? Fake? Connection? Revelation? Rapture? Document? Bearing Witness? To what exactly? or to be more precise: What is it about photography that makes all these things come out, as all of these seem to pose the more obvious questions of: What is it,… Continue reading Copy? Pointing?

Fake from Start to Finish

Hamburg, 2001

every photograph is a fake from start to finish, a purely impersonal, unmanipulated photograph being practically impossible.” — Edward Steichen

Contempt for Sight

Are the problems of photography solved? You do not write any more about the how ad why of photography: Does this mean you are done with trying to rationalize what you are doing? Does this also mean you are done with photography? There is this tendency – best embodied in the construction of pornography –… Continue reading Contempt for Sight

Already Knowing

I started watching movies twice. And not good movies, just movies. I have no idea when this started. It just felt more comfortable to watch the movies where you already know how they end. It wasn’t about the how-it-ends. It was just about the already-knowing.