Ich glaube nicht an das Einzelbild in der Photographie. — Michael Schmidt, Lebensmittel

Machine for Making Emptiness

Copy without an original; re-run of a show that never aired before. A cover of a song that has not been written or performed. A sequel to a film that never reached cinemas. the week, that was missing a day but continued without hesitance. time strangely disjointed and looping into itself. Explosion without anything to… Continue reading Machine for Making Emptiness

It’s not fucking art

Kyoto, August 2014

For us, art is very straightforward and narrowly-defined. If you make art based on politics, then for us it’s not art. If you make art based on environmental protection, then for us it’s not fucking art. — Birdhead

Seeing Life Itself

Engelmann[Paul Engelmann, Wittgenstein’s close friend and faithful correspondent] told me that when he rummages round at home in a drawer full of his own manuscripts, they strike him as so glorious that he thinks they would be worth presentingto other people. (He said, it’s the same when he is reading through letters from his dead… Continue reading Seeing Life Itself

Das Fragwürdigste

Besinnung ist der Mut, die Wahrheit der eigenen Voraussetzungen und den Raum der eigenen Ziele zum Fragwürdigsten zu machen. — M. Heidegger, Zeit des Weltbildes

Maschinentechnik, Entscheidungslosigkeit

• Wissenschaft • Maschinentechnik • Das Kunstwerk wird zum Gegenstand des Erlebens • das menschliche Tun als Kultur • Entgötterung Die Entgötterung ist der Zustand der Entscheidungslosigkeit über den Gott und die Götter. — M. Heidegger, Zeit des Weltbildes