On Thoughts

  Hallucinations are logically prior to thoughts –Timothy Morton, Dark Ecology

Seeing An Organ

(001) Slideshow: Carl Einstein, Manuscripts · Courtesy Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Carl-Einstein-Archiv,no. 245.Key terms handwritten by Einstein in red crayon on front sides offolded sheets of paper, in which he collected his notes Tautology Primitive Totality Proportion Language Projection Irony Tecton [-ics, -ic] Space Immanence Forgetting Form Metamo [-rphosis, -rphotic] Analogy Stylization Seeing An Organ… Continue reading Seeing An Organ

Fever Pitch

The year is 1930—a present wracked by profound crises worldwide. The social order is coming unstuck, but so are traditional categories of knowledge. Europe’s imperialist expansion is at its zenith even as its very legitimacy is being radically called into question. Political and social conflicts quickly assume global dimensions. The First World War, revolutions, the… Continue reading Fever Pitch

Mißtrauen, Mißtrauen und Mißtrauen

Mißtrauen in das Geschick der Literatur, Mißtrauen in das Geschick der Freiheit, Mißtrauen in das Geschick der europäischen Menschheit, vor allem aber Mißtrauen, Mißtrauen und Mißtrauen in alle Verständigung: zwischen den Klassen, zwischen den Völkern, zwischen den Einzelnen. Und unbegrenztes Mißtrauen in I. G. Farben und die friedliche Vervollkommnung der Luftwaffe. Aber was nun, was… Continue reading Mißtrauen, Mißtrauen und Mißtrauen