X and Eye, Bochum, July 2020


Consistency is for pussies, who can’t deal with the complexity that life is. How can you expect consistency from a work of art, when all around you is this all-the-time-all-the-things-at-once?

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Like Spider or Spit


A dictionary begins when it no longer gives the meaning of words, but their tasks. Thus formless is not only an adjective having a given meaning, but a term that serves to bring things down in the world, generally requiring that each thing have its form. What it designates has no rights in any sense and gets itself squashed everywhere, like a spider or an earthworm. In fact, for academic men to be happy, the universe would have to take shape. All of philosophy has no other goal: it is a matter of giving a frock coat to what is, a mathematical frock coat. On the other hand, affirming that the universe resembles nothing and is only formless amounts to saying that the universe is something like a spider or spit.

— G. Bataille, Documents 1, Paris, 1929


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Man Looking At Photograph

Aschau, July 2015


Man coming into darkened room
Man blinded by light
Man shielding his eyes against the sun
Man watching silently
Man becoming aware of darkness setting in
Man awakens too bright morning light
Man barely able to see in dark
Man watching his blurred reflection in window
Man shaving, observing his jawline, foam being scraped away, light coming in from tiny bathroom window
Man lowering blinds against the rising sun
Man closing eyes to go to sleep
Man flipping through pages of a book
Man flicking switch of light in the hallway
Man flicking switch off the light by the sofa, room going into full darkness before eyes adjust
Man stepping out of shade
Man putting on sunglasses
Man putting off sunglasses before he steps into café from street
Man pinching and rubbing aching eyes
Man’s face being lit by flickering lights from TV
Man looking at photograph

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Nicht Zwei, Nicht Drei

Drum, wer Ohren hat zu hören, der höre!
Es ist nicht zwei, nicht drei, nicht tausende,
es ist Eins und alles;
es ist nicht Körper und Geist geschieden,
dass eine der Zeit, das andere der Ewigkeit angehöre,
es ist Eins, gehört sich selbst,
und ist Zeit und Ewigkeit zugleich,
und sichtbar und unsichtbar, bleibend im Wandel,
ein unendliches Leben.

Karoline von Günderode

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My heart is Clay

My heart is by dejection, clay,
And by self-murder, red.
All vicious tinctures, that new-fashioned
I may rise up from death, before I’m dead.

John Donne, from: Divine Poems

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Bei Leipzig, April 2018


De-numire data actiunii fulgerului asupra corpului omului sau ani-malelor si, prin extensie, ansamblului accidentelor provocate de electricitate. Se denumeste prin f. si modificarea pielii celor morti prin trasnet, constand In desene asemanatoare echiva-lentului luminos al descarcarii electrice.

Benannt das Datum der Blitzeinwirkung auf den Körper des Mannes oder des Mannes und damit die Gesamtheit der durch Elektrizität verursachten Unfälle. Man nennt es f. Und die Modifikation der Haut der Toten durch Spur, bestehend aus Zeichnungen ähnlich dem lichtemittierenden Licht der Entladung.

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