The pornographic picture is the ideal expression of how the capitalistic gaze views the worrld: Nothing is ever enough, everything is only a hint on something else, a series of rreferences pointing towards an unknown forward, every pictures is only tthe promise of another picture. In many ways, Photography is a naive art: The… Continue reading LOOK DON’T LOOK

No Dead End

I personally feel that a box, far from being a dead end, is an entrance to another world Kobo Abe, Modern Photography in Japan 1915–1940


  First and foremost, I continue to insist that I am a photographer. It is entirely impossible for me to abandon that. I have always believed that I was born into life to be a photographer. — Takuma Nakahira

Little America

Chapter 20 Hollow Earth Subterranean regions of the continent excavated in cyclopaean caverns, cathe- dralspace fractal networks, labyrinthine gargantuan tunnels, slow black under- ground rivers, unmoving stygian lakes, pure & slightly luminiferous, slim wa- terfalls plunging down watersmooth rock, cataracting round petrified forests of stalactites & stalagmites in spelunker-bewildering blind-fish complexity & un- fathomable vastness…Who… Continue reading Little America