Fehlerhafte Stellen

kam es meiner Großmutter bedauerlicherweise grausam vor, auf den belebenden Hauch des Seewindes wegen der durchsichtigen aber geschlossenen Fensterscheibe verzichten zu müssen, die uns wie das Glas vor einer Auslage vom Strande trennte, uns selbst von außen aber gänzlich sichtbar machte und den Himmel so vollkommen einließ, dass seine Azurtöne die Farbe der Fenster und… Continue reading Fehlerhafte Stellen

Face the Environment

“The Horror of facing the environment that we created for ourselves.” — Lewis Baltz  


The ecological value of the term Nature is dangerously overrated, because Nature isn’t just a term – it’s something that happened to human-built space, demarcating human systems from Earth systems. Nature as such is a twelve-thousand-years old human product, geological as well as discursive. Its wavy elegance was eventually revealed as inherently contingent and violent,… Continue reading Seizure

There Will Be A Brighter Day

There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it’s all dark — Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon   There will be a brighter day, if you believe in brighter days. — Erykah Badu  

A Flicker of Resistance

The concept Nature is a flicker of resistance to the oncoming metal army of industrialization, like a medieval sword made of rubber. A fake medieval sword that heightens the fire risk in California’s Yosemite National Park: John Muir, architect of the parks and believer in Nature, favored the growth of trees that covered the slopes in attractive… Continue reading A Flicker of Resistance