This Constant Slipping

what is the visual fabric of memory? A lack of precision, leaving holes to be filled in; an ongoing fight against the indexicality of the image: Not showing something, only reminding me of something the picture does not show. this constant slipping…

Surface Tension

Our deductions from the surface to what lies underneath are usually wrong and photography, as the art of surface, is especially vulnerable to this fraud of looking. The projection of complex circumstances onto a flat plane is misleading; in order to get onto paper or onto the screen, the light has to travel through multiple… Continue reading Surface Tension

In the Shadow of Reason

The supposed sense of security created by the power of reason as the basis of all understanding has penetrated mans everyday existence creating a terrible need for order in his life so as to achieve stability at all its levels: his working life, love life as well as economic, social and emotional levels of his… Continue reading In the Shadow of Reason

tell the good from the bad

The Camera is an apparatus to shed the light from the dark, the view of the world worth preserving from the one you allow yourself to forget, remember the moment you deem decisive and discard the myriads of constellations you consider irrelevant; the good (picture) from the bad. The camera is a moralistic apparatus. (and… Continue reading tell the good from the bad

Nothing Everything

  What do you want to photograph? nothing everything where nothing comes from the cliché, that everything has been photographed and all that has been photographed does not amount to much. where everything comes from banality, the democratization of the gaze, that there is no decisive moment except that every moment is decisive and from… Continue reading Nothing Everything

Season of Decay

Ravenwood Motel: Seasons of Decay; deceased insects laid to rest in dusty corners, speckles on the wallpaper like it got old-people’s-marks, The manager being the only one wearing a gingham-shirt and a bright red tie, everybody else is dressed in black&white; the waiter with bis shirt buckling at the belt and having slipped out of… Continue reading Season of Decay

This Slight Memorial

  An’ blowed an’ tore an’ reared an’ pitched an’ all, this slight memorial.There is sufficient material in his letters The yestertide we’d heard the gloomy gun Search out and probe, Gehazi, Me broken–for which thing a hundred died. [Sidney Lanier; (Amer.) Georgian poet and scholar.  1842-1881.] A leper white as snow!


Warnung: Im Rio Amazonas sollte man das Baden nicht erlauben. Die äußerst gefährlichen Raubfische Piranhas sowie auch Krokodile, Jacarés genannt, bedeuten in den dortigen Gewässern eine ständige Lebensgefahr.