The City Under Water

abandoned places in cities: a closed shop in a map; the back room of a disco, the disco closed during weekdays and not very busy during the weekends; A house in one of the suburbs of town, the inhabitants moved without telling anyone, neighbors wondered, and the real-estate-agent has problems to find new people moving… Continue reading The City Under Water

On Cars

The reckless abandon of the lower classes. Their purity and insight into the futility of struggle. It is ok to just get along and watch some TV (class as more of a psychological category: things you can accesss or can not access). When they did not fuck, they watched TV. He had bought a huge… Continue reading On Cars

Black Dog

It is that time itself has been traumatized so that we come to comprehend history not as a random sequence of events but as a series of traumatic clusters — Mark Fisher, from: The Weird and the Eerie  

That England is populated will always come as a surprise

  Geographers say there are two kinds of islands. This is valuable information for the imagination because it confirms what the imagination already knew. Nor is it the only case where science makes mythology more concrete, and mythology makes science more vivid. Continental islands are accidental, derived islands. They are separated from a continent, born… Continue reading That England is populated will always come as a surprise