Burning Down The House

Burning Down The House Get them outAh Watch out, you might get what you’re afterCool babies, strange but not a strangerI’m an ordinary guyBurning down the house Hold tight, wait ’til the party’s overHold tight, we’re in for nasty weatherThere has, got to be a wayBurning down the house Here’s your ticket pack your bagsTime… Continue reading Burning Down The House

Partake In Mountainhood

took on photographing one piece of the mountain that was visible from the terrace of the cabin we had rented. took at least one picture every day, most days around 10 to 15, resulting in around 500 pictures that show basically the same piece of rock. the weather, the light, clouds passing by, the sun… Continue reading Partake In Mountainhood

Why do we build our own unhappiness?

  The City as parasitic organism that dwells on people to make them build its streets and houses; But if nobody is happy in the city, who builds them? And for what purpose? The visual and aural onslaught of advertising.Here we are: just prey for the entertainment/consumption-complex. Kertesz: City as a stage Atget: People as ghosts haunting the… Continue reading Why do we build our own unhappiness?


Jene Morallehrer, welche zuerst und zuoberst dem Menschen anbefehlen, sich in seine Gewalt zu bekommen, bringen damit eine eigenthümliche Krankheit über ihn: Nämlich eine beständige Reizbarkeit bei allen natürlichen Regungen und Neigungen und gleichsam eine Art Juckens. Was auch fürderhin ihn stossen, ziehen, anlocken, antreiben mag, von innen oder von aussen her — immer scheint… Continue reading Selbstbeherrschung

Give Me This Feeling!

Subject: I do not have enough happiness, passion and warmth. Give me this feeling! — SPAM  

Fehlende Folge

Er war sich ziemlich sicher, dass zwischen Episode 12 und 13 noch eine Episode fehlte. „Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass sie hier eine Folge ausgelassen haben.“, sagte er zu seiner Frau, als er die DVD aus dem Player nahm und sie zurück in die Packung steckte. Sie hatten eine Weile die ausgelassenen Szenen und… Continue reading Fehlende Folge


I have this unhealthy relationship to America: It’s like a girl you once fell in love with, hearing hear laugh just sent you straight to heaven and she was the most beautiful being you’ve ever seen. Now that you fell out of love you realise that her giggling is hysterical and she has crooked teeth… Continue reading Unhealthy

All This Quiet

The Summer of 2015 was when Europe started to die. At the beginning I blamed our leaders. I thought, they were corrupt or just too weak and they couldn’t wrestle themselves free from the grip of economy. We blamed the lobbyists. The money. The inevitable force of an economy rolling downhill, crushing every man woman… Continue reading All This Quiet

Rourkela, Indien 15.5.1962

Mistrust in the fate of literature, mistrust in the fate of freedom, mistrust in the fate of European humanity. — Walter Benjamin

Do Nothing

The Secret of Permanent Creation: Whatever you’re thinking; think something else. Whatever you’re doing; do something else. The Absolute Secret of Permanent Creation: Desire nothing, decide nothing, choose nothing, be aware of yourself, stay awake, calmly seated, do nothing — Robert Filliou