It Is Better To Do Nothing

15. It is better to do nothing than to contribute to the invention of formal ways of rendering visible that which Empire already recognizes as existent. — Alain Badiou, Fifteen theses on contemporary art  

Gesetz der Großen Zahl

Die wirklich tiefen Wunden fügt man sich selbst durch diesen Glauben zu, die Natur müsse Ausgleiche finden. Das tut sie auch. Das tut sie immer. Aber sie tut es mit dem Gesetz der großen Zahl. Am Einzelnen verliert sie rasch das Interesse. Sie kann es sich erlauben, ihm gegenüber großzügig zu sein, sogar verschwenderisch. Oder… Continue reading Gesetz der Großen Zahl


In this world, there are only things—saleable objects—and signs—the abstract instruments of sale and purchase, the different forms of money and credit. — Alain Badiou, From False Globalisation to the One Communist World, via the Question of ‘Foreigners’ There are zones, walls, desperate voyages, hatred, and death. zones walls voyages hatred death  


Bobby Timmons, who has once been in Art Blakey’s Messenger and wrote songs like Moanin’, died at 38 years, without getting anywhere near the fame the people he worked for got, like Cannonball Adderly or Art Blakey. He briefly touched on fame when he wrote Moanin’ while playing with Art Blakey. He was one of… Continue reading Schlussstrich

L’Esprit de L’Escalier

  L’esprit de l’Escalier The witty or cutting retort that we should have delivered to a frenemy but that comes to mind only after we have left the gathering and are on our way down the stairs. Captures our maddening inability to know how to answer humiliation in real time. — Untranslatable Words,

What Good Is

  What Appears Is Good; What Good Is, Appears. — Guy Debord, Society of Spectacle

Maintain Stability

  The supposed sense of security created by the power of reason as the basis of all understanding has penetrated mans everyday existence creating a terrible need for order in his life so as to achieve stability at all its levels: his working life, love life as well as economic, social and emotional levels of… Continue reading Maintain Stability

Schlecht, unordentlich arbeiten

Wie ich mich auch anstelle, ich verschaffe mir ein Gefühl der Zersplitterung – demütigender Unordnung. Ich schreibe ein Buch, ich muss meine Ideen ordnen. Ich verkleinere mich in meinen Augen, wenn ich mich ins Detail meiner Aufgabe vertiefe. Diskursiv, wie es ist, ist das Denken stets die Beachtung eines Punktes auf Kosten der anderen, es… Continue reading Schlecht, unordentlich arbeiten

Here Is A List Of Questions

Here is a list of question you chose to ignore. Because. Because they are not interesting. Because they are too complicated to answer. Because they are too painful to answer. Because I have already answered them and then forgot them and then answered them again. Because this is not what this is about. Because you… Continue reading Here Is A List Of Questions

How About A Bunker?

What happens when you bury a shipping container? What’s the Closest Nuclear Bunker to Your Home? Ever wondered if you live close to a potential nuclear target? Even if you live in a small town or rural area…..don’t think you are safe. Not all strategic targets are in heavily populated areas. Find out if your… Continue reading How About A Bunker?