Larry Sultan: On Ambiguity

That [Ambiguity] is really important to me. Part of the difficulty facing photographers is that almost any subject matter has accumulated a representational history, so to find a new discursive space, a space to wander around those subject matters, is a real challenge. If I know too much, if the narrative is too well formed,… Continue reading Larry Sultan: On Ambiguity

Accept Being Drowned

The visual world is overwhelming: beautiful, horrifying, endless. And photography is both a way to cope with that tsunami of angles, light, views and at the same time give in to it, just silently record and accept being drowned in it.

While Walking With John Gossage

Can you ask more from the literature of the picture than you actually can support? — John Gossage in an Interview with Tim Carpenter

Exhibit No. 1

First exhibition came and went in Künstlerquartier Bethanien, Berlin. Lots of work, lots of fun. Read all about it on the Blog of the oks-lab.