Something Like Telling A Really Deep Story

If you ever asked yourself, why this site is called DESTROYPHOTOGRAPHY, here is why: And I don’t want to engage here in a futile discussion about what “authenticity” means, or if professionalism in photography is a good or bad thing. Kudos to the stone-cold face of the photographer while talking about “a really deep story”. But… Continue reading Something Like Telling A Really Deep Story

The Opposite of a Muse: The Selfothermades of Isabelle Mège

This is probably the strangest and most fascinating story on photography that I have read in a long time: Isabelle Mège, a medical secretary from Paris wrote letters to photographers she liked and asked them to take her picture. For more than twenty years she managed to get photographers as diverse as Joel Peter Witkin or Ralph… Continue reading The Opposite of a Muse: The Selfothermades of Isabelle Mège

Drive-by Shooting

Don’t leave the car. Just point and shoot through the window. The fast moving car takes many things out the equation: There is no time to compose. You are reduced to “trying to get that thing onto film”. What triggers that “want”? A church turned into a gunshop. A road sign: When I was there… Continue reading Drive-by Shooting

The Most Boring Lecture Ever

  There is probably much to say about Thomas Ruff’s “ma.r.s.15”- series from 2011/12. You can jabber on endlessly about this special form of appropriation, about the relevance of the context where things are reproduced, about how art is what you declare as art and so on. But obviously not by himself. I kind of liked… Continue reading The Most Boring Lecture Ever

East Of The Rule Of Third

Here is one guy, who really hates his rule of thirds: He has a point, though. It’s often very hard to understand that from the rich canon of composition that we have amassed over several thousand years of producing art, the rule of thirds is the one thing that has made it into photography education.… Continue reading East Of The Rule Of Third

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The Polaroids

  Since I’m back from the US I’ve been in some kind of photographic slump. That probably was to be expected: The photos came easy to me in America, the desire to hold on to what you see was overwhelming and the light triggered some kind of chemical reaction with the camera… Being back in… Continue reading The Polaroids

The Autobahn in 1979

It was 1979 and the future was a place of promise and overflowing with colors and not of dread and endless stretches of grey…

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This Is Europe

Let’s not forget what Europe is actually about: A shared horizon, a common frame of reference, a troubled past, and the chance to not kill each other for a change. Let’s remember that there has been Europe even before the economists have claimed this fragile project for themselves and started ruining it…

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