You Are Glorious

Engelmann[Paul Engelmann, Wittgenstein’s close friend and faithful correspondent] told me that when he rummages round at home in a drawer full of his own manuscripts, they strike him as so glorious that he thinks they would be worth presenting to other people. (He said, it’s the same when he is reading through letters from his… Continue reading You Are Glorious

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Don’t Expect It

Yes, but shouldn’t I have a clear coherent theme, surely I have to know what I’m doing first? That would be nice, but I doubt Robert Frank knew what it all meant when he started, or for that matter Cindy Sherman or Robert Mapplethorpe or Atget or… so you shouldn’t expect it. The more preplanned it is the less… Continue reading Don’t Expect It

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There Are Things Known And There Are Things Unknown In Between There Are Doors

[..] the image tool is no longer an end in itself, it enables the identification of the cracks and fault lines that open the door to a cryptic reality, to slip inside, to reformulate one’s interdependency with the world and to discover new uses for it; define the territories suitable for a ferocious struggle that… Continue reading There Are Things Known And There Are Things Unknown In Between There Are Doors

Photography As A Religious Experience

I am still recovering from a workshop with Antoine D’Agata. Still don’t know, what all this was about. In his attempt to be modern, he is a renaissance man: very romantic, very gentle, very calm, or at least approaching calmness, very different from what his images suggest. Only tired. He arrived late on the second… Continue reading Photography As A Religious Experience

There Is No Such Thing

Arguments that are about the failure of the representational paradigm of thinking. As there is always a surplus and excess of meaning because each rendering differs from its origin. Finally it finds out that there is no such thing as pure representation as art always renders its object with a difference, a differance. — Sofia… Continue reading There Is No Such Thing

Why we need images

A capitalist society requires a culture based on images. It needs to furnish vast amounts of entertainment in order to stimulate buying and anaesthesize the injuries of class, race, and sex. And it needs to gather unlimited amounts of information, the better to exploit natural resources, increase productivity, keep order, make war, give job to… Continue reading Why we need images