Empathy in photography?

Of course, the ramblings about Bruce Gilden’s two-day stint in the Apalachian goes on and on: Allen Murabayashi from Photoshelter chimes in with her own piece on Bruce Gilden & the Absence of Empathy, where she again blames him for being superficial and not showing “the whole picture”. There is also this long rant by Chuck Jines, in… Continue reading Empathy in photography?

American Photo 1996 : Is Photojournalism dead ?

Photography has a minor role in the media nowadays. Television, with its ability to reach the masses in real time, is the leader . Most photographers are operators whose version of reality must stick to the version on television- the official version. This visual standardization is increased by technology. The fast transmission of pictures is… Continue reading American Photo 1996 : Is Photojournalism dead ?

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Toni Greaves: Radical Love

Do yourself a favor and invest one hour of your life into watching Toni Greaves’ documentary about a cloister in New Jersey: http://annenbergphotospace.org/video/toni-greaves-radical-love Toni Greaves follows the first years of a young woman who has chosen to become a nun: She documents the spiritual and every-day lives of this enclosed community, and she does it with… Continue reading Toni Greaves: Radical Love