Things you can do with a Nikon

I don’t know, but now that everything is digital and effects are coming out of a computer, things have gotten way more boring than that…

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Push More

I guess we all have to attempt to push the envelope more, to go beyond accepted boundaries, beyond photography merely as daily compulsive behaviour and try to really tell authentic stories. It’s the only way for me to see value in proceeding to make pictures – and posting them on social media. — Bart van Damme in an Interview… Continue reading Push More

That Naughty Thing

“I always thought of photography as a naughty thing to do… when I first did it I felt very perverse.” — Diane Arbus I picked up this quote from an Article in the Guardian on Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera. Since I got wasted by that sobering experience that is reading Susan Sontag’s “On Photography,… Continue reading That Naughty Thing

The Bees

I had so much fun reading Laline Paull’s: The Bees in my holidays. And while you’re at it, stroll over to the MoMA’s Sculpture Garden to see the folks in action…


I’ve been on holidays. In the mountains. As I was nurturing my constant shooting-crisis (why shoot? empty pictures? relevance?) that I’ve had for a while now when shooting on the street, working in the solitude and emptiness of the mountains came as quite a relief. So I shot mostly landscape, cows, dead wood. I was… Continue reading Holidays