The Parasite

Palast, Duisburg, March 2017

A City is a parasitic organism that dwells on people to make them build its streets and houses; if nobody is happy in the city, who builds them? And for what purpose? And how did we end up in this visual and aural onslaught of advertising? When did we become just the prey for the entertainment/consumption-complex. Why are we complicit in building our own unhappiness?

Imre Kertesz: City as a stage
Atget: People have left the city, only their ghosts remain to haunt its buildings
Lewis Bush: City as the theatre of capital; The World is Ugly/And People Are Sad
Moriyama: City as a libidinal arrangement? Compound? complex?
Nakahira: City as overflow; city as beyond interpretation (or before?) 



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