The City Under Water

abandoned places in cities: a closed shop in a map; the back room of a disco, the disco closed during weekdays and not very busy during the weekends; A house in one of the suburbs of town, the inhabitants moved without telling anyone, neighbors wondered, and the real-estate-agent has problems to find new people moving in (shows them around, a window in the back broken and people have obviously slept in the back room and left some empty bottles, used the toilet although the water had been shot down since the old inhabitants had moved out.)

a guy beaten up by some kids and then left on a an abandoned building-site; the work has stalled since the owner ran out of money (intersections);

People sleeping in their cars, trying to get proper for a job interview. corralling in the evenings on a parking-lot next to a shopping centre at the edge of town.


paddy Wagon – Anstaltswagen (für Irre), grüne Minna

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