On Cars

The reckless abandon of the lower classes. Their purity and insight into the futility of struggle. It is ok to just get along and watch some TV (class as more of a psychological category: things you can accesss or can not access).

When they did not fuck, they watched TV. He had bought a huge Plasma-TV and set it up downstairs in what they used as a kind of a living room. He connected it to the internet and set up Netflix and he ran old TV-shows all night while drinking whiskey from a paper-cup and dozing off on the couch. He watched The Original Star Trek and Big Bang Theory. He watched old Horror Movies and rarely new ones that somehow seem to have lost their edge, although he wasn’t sure that it wasn’t him who had lost his edge. In the morning, when a dim grey light came up, he drew down the blinds and continued watching. He briefly fell asleep, woke up again and continued watching. Moved upstairs, cleaned his teeth, they fucked for an hour, he then fell asleep again. This is how the days went by and he liked, that he often had lost account for the weekday or the week, and he hoped that at the end of this he would also had lost track of the month and of himself.


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