Be Yourself

Palast, Duisburg, March 2017

He worked at a supermarket for a while. He sold ceramics. He sold shoe laces. He was an insurance agent. He had a wife and two kids. He lived alone. He enjoyed living alone. He did not like anything as much as coming home and closing the door behind him. He watched TV a lot. He went into cinema and he liked it to just sit in the dark, he often could not remember what the movie was about. He was a lady’s man. He had affairs with many women. He was strong-willed. He worked at a bank. He wrote software. He worked in government. He was trying out a costume. He went to the carnival. He talked to an older man. He was a tenant. He lived in a two-story building. He was shitting bricks. He flung his head against the wall, he was bleeding all over his fore-head. He looked solemnly out of the window, he waited for them to come. He drove a big car. He was up all night.

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