Gesetz der Großen Zahl

Die wirklich tiefen Wunden fügt man sich selbst durch diesen Glauben zu, die Natur müsse Ausgleiche finden. Das tut sie auch. Das tut sie immer. Aber sie tut es mit dem Gesetz der großen Zahl. Am Einzelnen verliert sie rasch das Interesse. Sie kann es sich erlauben, ihm gegenüber großzügig zu sein, sogar verschwenderisch. Oder grausam, unbarmherzig. All diese Regungen gehen im Gesetz der großen Zahl auf. Aber mit der Einsicht in die Weisheit der Statistik ist dem Einzelnen nicht geholfen. Nichts kann ihn darüber hinwegtäuschen, dass die Schöpfung an ihm demonstriert, dass sie missglückt ist.

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Bobby Timmons, who has once been in Art Blakey’s Messenger and wrote songs like Moanin’, died at 38 years, without getting anywhere near the fame the people he worked for got, like Cannonball Adderly or Art Blakey. He briefly touched on fame when he wrote Moanin’ while playing with Art Blakey. He was one of the people that almost got famous, but never quite made it due to a lack of effort or stamina or desire. His liver gave way after he had treated her poorly with drugs and alcohol.

These non-famous people and their disdain for fame at all. Why bother? And still there was this nagging feeling of having underachieved, of being cheated out of the fame you deserve: By bad luck, by envy, by a lack of recognition – when the real reason has only been a lack of conviction in the idea of achieving something.

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L’Esprit de L’Escalier


L’esprit de l’Escalier

The witty or cutting retort that we should have delivered to a frenemy but that comes to mind only after we have left the gathering and are on our way down the stairs. Captures our maddening inability to know how to answer humiliation in real time.

— Untranslatable Words,

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Maintain Stability


The supposed sense of security created by the power of reason as the basis of all understanding has penetrated mans everyday existence creating a terrible need for order in his life so as to achieve stability at all its levels: his working life, love life as well as economic, social and emotional levels of his life. Success depended on the maintenance at all cost of this stability whereas the breakdown of stability necessarily signified failure and consequent exclusion from the benefits thereof.

Our educational system makes us sensitive to these modern precepts; we imbibe the principles of stability together with the letters of the alphabet. We were educated to to achieve success and consequently guarantee ourselves a future free from the slightest insecurity which might endanger this only possible way of life. Nevertheless, parallel to this theory of stability runs the danger of its reversal, which infuses us with fear. We fear the loss of stability and so remain trapped between the desire for job security and fear of unemployment, between the need of finding a permanent partner and fear of loneliness, between the dream of a good salary and the fear of economic misery, between the social prestige of being considered very professional and the fear of not coming up to scratch and finally between the need for an emotionally stable life and the fear of losing ones reason.

The Worlds of Pajcha, Prologue

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Schlecht, unordentlich arbeiten

from: Danse

Wie ich mich auch anstelle, ich verschaffe mir ein Gefühl der Zersplitterung – demütigender Unordnung. Ich schreibe ein Buch, ich muss meine Ideen ordnen. Ich verkleinere mich in meinen Augen, wenn ich mich ins Detail meiner Aufgabe vertiefe. Diskursiv, wie es ist, ist das Denken stets die Beachtung eines Punktes auf Kosten der anderen, es reisst den Menschen aus sich selbst heraus, reduziert ihn auf das Glied in der Kette, die er ist.

Verhängnis für den “ganzen Menschen” – den Menschen des Pfahls -, nicht vollauf über seine intellektuellen Ressourcen zu verfügen. Verhängnis, schlecht, unordentlich arbeiten zu müssen.
Er lebt unter einer Bedrohung: die Funktion, die er anwendet, tendiert dazu, seine Stelle einzunehmen! Er kann sie nicht übermäßig anwenden. Er entgeht der Gefahr nur, indem er sie vergisst. Schlecht, unordentlich zu arbeiten, ist oft das einzige Mittel, nicht zur Funktion zu werden.
Aber die umgekehrte Gefahr ist gleichfalls groß(die Vagheit, die Ungenauigkeit, der Mystizismus).
Ebbe und Flut ins Auge fassen.
Ein Defizit zulassen.

— Georges Bataille, Nietzsche und der Wille zur Chance

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Here Is A List Of Questions

Because, from “How About A Bunker?

Here is a list of question you chose to ignore. Because.

Because they are not interesting.
Because they are too complicated to answer.
Because they are too painful to answer.
Because I have already answered them and then forgot them and then answered them again.
Because this is not what this is about.
Because you have to figure that out by yourself.
Because there is this nagging fatigue.
Because all we can ever know is the obvious.
Because you do not have to.
Because you can simply refuse to answer a question.
Because we are moving on.
Because you are not responsible for what other people do.
Because of neglect.
Because we all got better things to do.
Because the muscles in the eye tire easily.

And all of these questions are worthwhile to ask. Yet there is no answer. And this is the answer.

(And who are we even talking about?)

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How About A Bunker?

What happens when you bury a shipping container?
What’s the Closest Nuclear Bunker to Your Home?
Ever wondered if you live close to a potential nuclear target?
Even if you live in a small town or rural area…..don’t think you are safe.
Not all strategic targets are in heavily populated areas.
Find out if your county is close to ground zero.
US Nuclear Target Map. Do You Live in The Danger Zone?
I’ll also show you how a 70-year-old veteran built a small nuclear
bunker a root cellar in his backyard with $421…..
Easy to Build Root Cellar in Your Own Back Yard

— Danger Zone?, 16th March 2018

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